Trending now: Vibrant Garden 🌸 + Free Wallpapers to celebrate Spring

April 5th, 2017

Spring is finally here, and we know we’re not the only ones excited about its arrival. One of our favorite seasons, Spring brings with it warmer temperatures, outdoor adventures, and refreshed wardrobe options. And with the world around us seemingly suddenly bursting into bloom, how could we not be happy?!

We love drawing inspiration from beautiful botanicals and floaty fleurs – so lucky for us, floral prints are trending for Spring ‘18! We love how flower motifs can work for every style, whether you’re looking for something soft and romantic, bold and expressive, subdued and abstract, or playful and sweet.  

Take a look at our Instagram and you’ll find our page dotted with fresh florals in a range of techniques.  Among other techniques, Printfresh Studio is known for loose, hand-painted watercolors.  We love documenting the process!

In our recent Spring ’18 trend report, we’ve highlighted a few different flower-oriented techniques currently trending on runways and in the market. One of our favorites is a trend we’ve dubbed Vibrant Garden:

The Vibrant Garden trend is all about capturing the joy of springtime in the garden.

Gorgeous blooms are rendered into loose and stylized gestures, with an emphasis on artistic expression that is still always recognizably floral.  Even embellished and embroidered elements are playful and abstracted, effortlessly relating back to hand-painted motifs.

Color palette is a key component to this trend, and these prints showcase a range of vibrant hues.  Feminine brights are often paired with bold pops of red, and foliage coloring ranges from reality-inspired mints and teals to imaginative blues.

At Printfresh Studio, we love using watercolor techniques to achieve this look, drawing inspiration from bold, blooming poppies and romantic roses.  In addition to watercolors, our artists tend to work with mixed-media techniques, layering watered down gouache and super saturated inks to add depth to paintings.

It’s always exciting to take a peek at what our designers are working on, and get a glimpse at the unique way in which each of them interprets a trend.


So let’s get to the downloadable wallpapers already!

Inspired by this fantastically floral trend, our CAD artists couldn’t resist creating a few desktop and phone wallpapers for you.  Simply click the links below to view the full-sized images, and then save them to your device. Enjoy!

Download Spring Bouquet:  Desktop Wallpaper | Phone Wallpaper

Download Romantic Fleurs:  Desktop Wallpaper | Phone Wallpaper

Download Pastel Meadow:  Desktop Wallpaper | Phone Wallpaper

Are you having trouble developing the perfect floral for your design team’s print program? Our CAD artists can work with you to create a custom print that fits your needs and budget. Get in touch to learn more!

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Internships at Printfresh Studio 🎨

March 16th, 2017

Did you know that our studio offers internship opportunities year-round? Here at Printfresh Studio, we love mentoring young designers in the art of textile design, and offer students work experience that not only looks great on a resume, but also gives them the professional and interpersonal skills integral to succeeding in any career.

To help kick off this year’s search for Summer interns, we have Emily and Tiffany on the blog, sharing a glimpse into their experience during their Summer ’16 internship.

If you’re interested in taking part in our internship program, head to our Careers page and apply today!

Hi! I’m Emily and I am an MFA candidate in the Illustration Practice program at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). Originally from Texas and having since lived in Minneapolis, Miami, Norway, Philadelphia and now Baltimore, I draw from my personal experiences when creating my work, which ranges from textile design to writing and illustrating comics. See examples of my work on my website or my Instagram.

As interns, our days were split into two different departments: Production and Design. Most mornings were spent in Production where we learned how to print, label, and archive original prints, embellish new prints with sequins and gold foil, and process the vintage items that came through in a constant stream (the PF Vintage archives are absolutely fabulous!). 

Working in production helped us form a better understanding of how the company functions as a whole. This “behind the scenes” work that happens at a textile design company was fascinating and rewarding, and we learned a lot by completing these very tangible tasks.

The other half of the day was spent working in the Design department. We were paired with designers and assisted them with their work – we helped with market research, created paintings and motifs that designers worked into prints, and even made some prints of our own that fit into the designers’ collections.

Both Tiffany and I had great mentors – Tiffany worked with a designer in the Women’s department and I was partnered with a Junior’s designer named Esther. Esther mentored me on everything from making patterns to using Photoshop more efficiently.  She helped me think like a Junior’s designer, teaching me what kinds of motifs to use, what colors work best, etc. We had an excellent personal and professional dynamic – working with her was a wonderful experience.

During our time at Printfresh Studio, prints that Tiffany and I helped create sold to clients! This was really exciting and spoke to the quality of the training we received from our respective mentors.  We not only learned how to create prints, we learned how to create marketable prints.

Another example of how Printfresh Studio allowed us to see all sides of the business was our participation at the Premiere Vision trade show in New York city.  Tiffany and I were able to see the sales process in motion and be in the center of the activity that is a major trade show.

As a final project, interns create a print or graphic t-shirt focused mood board, inspired by a current runway trend, runway designer, and/or artist.  We were also given the option of creating a set of four patterns of our own conception and execution, to be printed and presented to the rest of the design team.

I chose my patterns to be themed around summer camp, focusing on conversational prints for juniors with lots of movement, a bold, graphic drawing style, and bright colors.

Tiffany went with a more abstract approach, painting beautiful brushstrokes and layering them on top of bold primary colors.

Seeing our original designs printed on actual fabric was thrilling! Since these patterns were our own work (versus work intended to be sold to clients), this was a great portfolio-building opportunity as well as wonderful job experience.

Working with Printfresh Studio was a wonderful experience all around. Many thanks from Tiffany and me to Whitney Sherman and Kimberly Ellen Hall at MICA for introducing us to Printfresh and therefore making this internship possible. And thanks to Amy and Leo Voloshin for graciously taking us on this summer, and to all the creative direction from all the designers who patiently worked with us!

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PV recap + a sneak peek at our Paris Shopping Report 📸

March 2nd, 2017

Earlier this month, the Printfresh Studio and PF Vintage teams traveled to Paris for Premiere Vision. We had a great time showing our latest designs and exploring the city! Today we’re sharing a quick recap of the trip, plus a peek at our exclusive Paris Shopping Report with our top picks for what’s currently trending in-store.

We asked our team to share some of their favorite parts of the trip. Here’s what they had to say:

“We love Premiere Vision Paris because we get to see our favorite European clients and meet new ones! I also love going to Galleries Lafayette – it’s such a beautiful store and there’s a gorgeous view of Paris from the roof.”

– Katie

“My favorite store was Merci – they had awesome home goods and clothes. I bought a shirt that has a little embroidered John Lennon face on the front!”

– Leah

I loved Pigalle, which is a hip and trendy neighborhood in Paris. It’s known for its night scene and has inspired one of my favorite menswear fashion houses, aptly named Pigalle Paris!

– Julia


When we weren’t in the booth at PV, we did some trend research in stores around the city. Read on for highlights from our Paris Shopping Report, and download the full report here.

First up – Quirky Tropicals

Flat, colorful motifs mixed with critters and fruit make a playful statement. We’re also loving hand-painted and embroidered approaches to this trend, both of which offer fun dimension and texture.

Next, we found some gorgeous floral inspiration: Retro Florals

Vintage-inspired florals have been a popular request for our design team, and we love creating them. Delicate black linework and polka dots or stripes in the background add a cute graphic element, and palettes range from neutrals with a pop of color to lush brights and pastels.

Feline motifs, whether small or extra-large, scream Hear Me Roar

We’re especially loving lions, tigers, and leopards mixed in with florals and foliage, which can add a fun hidden touch to the design.  Ranging from simple and graphic to lush botanical illustrations, these conversational prints are a great offering across many markets.

Are you head over heels for big cat convos too? Our CAD team can help you create a custom version, whether it be painterly, hand-drawn, graphic, or even an embroidery or intarsia.  Click below to learn how we take your inspiration and make it a beautiful reality.

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Sweet Printable Valentines 💕🍓🍉

February 8th, 2017

At Printfresh, we love to celebrate holidays – no matter how big or small the occasion, there’s always someone at the studio
bringing in sweets or handing out cards.  For obvious reasons, we love any excuse to wrap a trinket in colorful printed paper,
scribble a note in pink marker, and exchange beautifully designed stationery.  Valentine’s Day is no exception, and our
CAD Artists have decided to share the cheer with you too!

Aren’t these printable, punny Valentines the cutest?

Each postcard started as the smallest little fruit doodle, painted
with a mix of watercolor and gouache.  Half the magic took place
once the artwork was scanned in – that’s when we started playing
with the motifs & layout, adjusting color, and adding the silly text.

Orange 🍊  you excited to start printing?!

Click on the preview below to get the Printable Valentine PDF – print it on your Inkjet or Laser printer (cardstock or matte
photo paper will yield the best results), cut along the dotted lines, and gift to your favorite coworkers, friends, family members,
and beau.

These printable cards will be sure to sweeten everyone’s day!

[Click here to download 8.5″ x 11″ printable Valentines]

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Holiday Conversationals: Shopping Report

January 3rd, 2017

The Holidays may have finally come and gone, but that doesn’t mean designing for Holiday is over.

Both our Print Studio and our CAD & Custom team have been busy creating lots of festive conversational patterns for next year,
and we’re guessing you’re trying to wrap up your print program too!

To help you with concepting, we’re sharing some Holiday inspiration gathered from a recent shopping trip.  Our favorite hightlights
include critters with pattern fills and geometric layouts, wintery landscapes and foliage, and mixing text with illustration.  Bold reds are paired
with soft pastels and neutral blues and greys, and touches of black and white make everything really pop.

    Do you need help creating your Holiday conversationals?  Get in touch!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year….

December 7th, 2016

Happy National Cotton Candy Day!

In honor of the sweetest of holidays, our CAD Artists whipped up a few Desktop and Smart Phone wallpapers for you:

  Desktop Wallpapers:
cottoncandy_thumb cottoncandy2_thumb cottoncandy3_thumb
[click to download!] [click to download!] [click to download!]


Smart Phone Wallpapers:
phone_wallpaper_thumb phone_wallpaper2_thumb phone_wallpaper3_thumb
[click to download!] [click to download!] [click to download!]

Download your favorite and celebrate with us!


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Spring 2017 Tradeshows

December 3rd, 2016

Spring is one of the biggest seasons for print & pattern, and prime buying time is right around the corner.
To help you with scheduling, we put together a quick round-up of upcoming Spring tradeshows:

Hope to see you soon!

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[Ugly] Sweater Season

November 30th, 2016

The ugly (or not-so-ugly) holiday sweater is EVERYWHERE right now.

We’re pros at prints, but did you know we also design a mean intarsia?  Since we can’t share the kooky knits we’ve
been creating for our clients, we’ve rounded up our in-store favorites from a recent shopping trip:

What ugly sweater design are you dreaming up?



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