Sweet Printable Valentines 💕🍓🍉

At Printfresh, we love to celebrate holidays – no matter how big or small the occasion, there’s always someone at the studio
bringing in sweets or handing out cards.  For obvious reasons, we love any excuse to wrap a trinket in colorful printed paper,
scribble a note in pink marker, and exchange beautifully designed stationery.  Valentine’s Day is no exception, and our
CAD Artists have decided to share the cheer with you too!

Aren’t these printable, punny Valentines the cutest?

Each postcard started as the smallest little fruit doodle, painted
with a mix of watercolor and gouache.  Half the magic took place
once the artwork was scanned in – that’s when we started playing
with the motifs & layout, adjusting color, and adding the silly text.

Orange 🍊  you excited to start printing?!

Click on the preview below to get the Printable Valentine PDF – print it on your Inkjet or Laser printer (cardstock or matte
photo paper will yield the best results), cut along the dotted lines, and gift to your favorite coworkers, friends, family members,
and beau.

These printable cards will be sure to sweeten everyone’s day!

[Click here to download 8.5″ x 11″ printable Valentines]

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