Internships at Printfresh Studio

Did you know that our studio offers internship opportunities year-round? Here at Printfresh Studio, we love mentoring young designers in the art of textile design, and offer students work experience that not only looks great on a resume, but also gives them the professional and interpersonal skills integral to succeeding in any career.

To help kick off this year’s search for Summer interns, we have Emily and Tiffany on the blog, sharing a glimpse into their experience during their Summer '16 internship.

If you’re interested in taking part in our internship program, head to our Careers page and apply today!

Hi! I'm Emily and I am an MFA candidate in the Illustration Practice program at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). Originally from Texas and having since lived in Minneapolis, Miami, Norway, Philadelphia and now Baltimore, I draw from my personal experiences when creating my work, which ranges from textile design to writing and illustrating comics. See examples of my work on my website or my Instagram.

As interns, our days were split into two different departments: Production and Design. Most mornings were spent in Production where we learned how to print, label, and archive original prints, embellish new prints with sequins and gold foil, and process the vintage items that came through in a constant stream (the PF Vintage archives are absolutely fabulous!). 

Working in production helped us form a better understanding of how the company functions as a whole. This “behind the scenes” work that happens at a textile design company was fascinating and rewarding, and we learned a lot by completing these very tangible tasks.

The other half of the day was spent working in the Design department. We were paired with designers and assisted them with their work - we helped with market research, created paintings and motifs that designers worked into prints, and even made some prints of our own that fit into the designers' collections.

Both Tiffany and I had great mentors – Tiffany worked with a designer in the Women’s department and I was partnered with a Junior’s designer named Esther. Esther mentored me on everything from making patterns to using Photoshop more efficiently.  She helped me think like a Junior's designer, teaching me what kinds of motifs to use, what colors work best, etc. We had an excellent personal and professional dynamic – working with her was a wonderful experience.

During our time at Printfresh Studio, prints that Tiffany and I helped create sold to clients! This was really exciting and spoke to the quality of the training we received from our respective mentors.  We not only learned how to create prints, we learned how to create marketable prints.

Another example of how Printfresh Studio allowed us to see all sides of the business was our participation at the Premiere Vision trade show in New York city.  Tiffany and I were able to see the sales process in motion and be in the center of the activity that is a major trade show.

As a final project, interns create a print or graphic t-shirt focused mood board, inspired by a current runway trend, runway designer, and/or artist.  We were also given the option of creating a set of four patterns of our own conception and execution, to be printed and presented to the rest of the design team.

I chose my patterns to be themed around summer camp, focusing on conversational prints for juniors with lots of movement, a bold, graphic drawing style, and bright colors.

Tiffany went with a more abstract approach, painting beautiful brushstrokes and layering them on top of bold primary colors.

Seeing our original designs printed on actual fabric was thrilling! Since these patterns were our own work (versus work intended to be sold to clients), this was a great portfolio-building opportunity as well as wonderful job experience.

Working with Printfresh Studio was a wonderful experience all around. Many thanks from Tiffany and me to Whitney Sherman and Kimberly Ellen Hall at MICA for introducing us to Printfresh and therefore making this internship possible. And thanks to Amy and Leo Voloshin for graciously taking us on this summer, and to all the creative direction from all the designers who patiently worked with us!