So many prints, so little time!

Most fashion and home designers shop a few major tradeshows every year. The big tradeshows like PV and Printsource are usually scheduled around season changes, offering the perfect venue for print studios to premiere new collections filled with exciting new trends.  

The shows are really fun - not only is it great to connect with our favorite clients, it's also inspiring to see what other artists have been up to and admire the variety of print and pattern everyone is showing. Booth decorations are also a big highlight - as you can imagine, the artists behind the studios put in a ton of work creating beautiful show spaces, and there are always some breathtaking backdrops and art installations to admire.

Last week we exhibited at Premiere Vision in New York, which is a really popular show for many of our clients. It was a really busy show for us, but for those doing the shopping, the aftermath is usually even busier!  

If you're a designer for apparel, home, or accessories, you probably know what we mean. For you, buying the prints is the fun part - you pull things that catch your eye, and pick artwork that is perfect for your print program. But when you leave a show with a handful of new prints, that's when the work really begins. Because while the prints you've bought are perfect for you vision, they're probably not ready send off to your factory. This is the point where all the CAD work starts. 

We're lucky enough to have a full CAD department that supports our clients in all of the CAD craziness.  We have an experienced team of designers who are experts at getting prints production-ready; they handle repeats, indexing and color separations, colorways, and design modifications - in short, all of the little pieces that go into perfecting and finalizing a print. 

It can get confusing, so we thought we'd spend some time highlighting the major areas that need to be addressed before sending a print off to production:



If you're buying prints for apparel or home, chances are you'll need them put into a seamless repeat before sending them to be printed. It may not be obvious, but there are tons of variables related to repeats! There are endless possibilities for a repeat layout - from a simple tile to a half-drop, tossed or one-directional, or from mirrored to striped. Another important factor is you may have different repeat size requirements depending on the factory you're using. These size restrictions make things tricky - if you create a repeat at a specific size and later decide to change the artwork's scale, the whole repeat would need to be re-done.

Because of these many possibilities, Printfresh Studio's prints do not come in repeat. But our CAD department is here, ready to swiftly put your prints into a high-quality repeat.



When you're producing a design using rotary or screen printing, the artwork needs to be digitally separated into each individual color - this is called color separating (also known as indexing). Typically, your factory will have a maximum number of screens they can use (usually around 12-14), and each additional screen will increase your cost.

Our clients often ask us for help with color separating their artwork, and then subsequently with reducing it to as a few colors as possible. Hand-painted prints created with watercolor and gouache have millions of colors, so as you may imagine, color separating and color reducing can take quite some time. Our awesome CAD designers are experts at this, and have been specially trained to tack



Sometimes you fall in love with a print, but the color doesn't exactly fit in with your collection. If you give us your color palette, specific Pantone numbers, or a reference image with colors that inspire you, we can recolor the artwork to your heart's content.

Other times, a print is perfect for your collection - except for the size of one of the motifs, or you want to add a stripe, or the scale should be doubled... the list goes on! We totally understand the artwork may need some adjustments to fit within your vision, and our CAD team can help modify whatever you need to bring that vision to fruition.




If you picked up some new prints last week at Premiere Vision and need some help getting them ready for production, feel free to get in touch with our CAD team! Our Account Manager, Teresa, is available at all of our shows to discuss how our CAD & Custom department can help you, but if you didn’t have a chance to meet Teresa at PV last week, she is always happy to stop by your New York office or to schedule a call.  

Contact us to learn more about any of our services or to request a quote. We'd love to lend a hand!