Spotlight on: Nieves Lavi



Happy Wednesday! Today on the blog, we’re sitting down with Sharon Lavi, co-founder and art director of the gorgeous clothing brand Nieves Lavi. Using only the finest cottons and silks, Nieves Lavi's luxurious aesthetic features handcrafted embroidery and globally inspired textiles draped into boho-chic silhouettes. Her designs are both trendsetting and timeless. 

Sharon is a client of our CAD & Custom division - we help with getting her artwork files factory-ready so she can produce her beautiful designs for you to wear.

Continue reading for a glimpse into where Sharon finds inspiration, how we work together, and where you can shop now for Nieves Lavi pieces to add to your wardrobe.

Printfresh Studio: You always have such beautiful concepts for your artwork, what made you originally get into the design industry?

Sharon Lavi: Thank you, my love of drawing and love of art put me on this path. It was one more way to express myself with drawing and prints, so you can wear them.

PS: How do you find inspiration for your line?

SL: I find inspiration from everything around me - the news, the city, travels, things I see and hear. I’m also inspired by anything and everything that is beautiful. I think about what I can do with it. How can I put this together in fashion? For example, when choosing my colors for Spring I think about how I can put all the beautiful colors I see around me into a piece. Last year I was in Portugal and was inspired by the beautiful ceramics on the buildings and walls all around the city of Lisbon. The colors were beautiful tones of yellow, blue and turquoise. I wanted to put that into something you could wear.

PS: Once you have found your artwork/inspiration, what kind of CAD work do you outsource to Printfresh CAD & Custom?

SL: I provide tiles, photographs I have taken, antique pieces of fabric for inspiration and pieces of folklore embroidery. The Printfresh CAD & Custom team digitizes the artwork for me. We take the original inspiration and transform it into a digital file where we modify the idea and turn it into my vision. Printfresh CAD & Custom also help with indexing, repeats and colorways, so the file is ready to produce. The artwork is being printed onto fabrics that eventually are made into a beautiful dress or top.

PS: What has been the best part of working with our CAD & Custom team?

SL: The Printfresh team is very fast, providing quick delivery. The team is willing to work easily with my changes and adjustments, which has been so helpful. Part of my design process is to see different colorways which the Printfresh CAD & Custom team provides seamlessly. It means a lot having someone who can easily work with me. The flexibility makes the process easier for me.

PS: We are a huge fan of the Crane print we helped with, which is now available in stores. How successful has the final product been in the marketplace?

SL: The Crane kimono is one of my best sellers! Our biggest client, Anthropologie, has sold out! We have a few pieces available online at our website, Visit the SHOP section for all options! Other very popular printed items are also available, such as the Japanese floral print that was inspired by an antique kimono. It's available in two colorways that came out beautifully. The same print is also available in a variety of styles, something to fit every personality.

Many thanks to Sharon for chatting with us about her inspiration and design process - and don’t forget to visit her website to check out her line. Keep an eye out for Nieves Lavi's next collection, featuring even more stunning prints we helped bring to life!

If you’re interested in learning more about how our CAD & Custom team can help you, contact us today!